B-Tech Credit Transfer is Authentic!

Credit transfer is about exchanging credits procured in a program by undergraduate or graduate students within any UGC-approved institute/university to another. For example, credits earned in one program can be transferred to a similar program at another foundation or a distinctive program in another or similar institute. 

What is the Credit Transfer Framework? 

The B-Tech courses offered in approved institutes carry some credits. Credits are evaluated according to the proportion of the learning hour (credit hour) put in by students and effective fulfillment of the degree. Each course or module gets a specific sum of credits, and when students complete that course, they acquire those credits.

The credit grading system is generally run according to the well renowned abroad universities and institutes. Universities around the world acknowledge their one setting degree grade system as valid for credit transfer nationally and internationally. The monotonous credit system assures the transfer of practically up to 100% of their credits from karela to the college they decide to seek after their most recent 2 years of the course.

Standards of Credit Transfer: 

Each college has specific credit transfer measures. Indian students are generally needed to get equality for their credits through World Training Administrations or associate offices. Your Indian credits will be assessed for your value compared to the college you decide to go to. This technique isn’t generally vital for some colleges as the accomplice colleges don’t need something very similar. 

Rules & Regulations of Credit Transfer

  • Credit transfer permits moving procured credits from one foundation /college, under explicit conditions, to another. 
  • Credit transfer is appropriate to B-Tech and M-Tech students joining the second or third semester who had gone through a similar program in another foundation/college. 
  • The highest credit transfer took into account for any program is 50 credits. 
  • Credits will be transferred for courses with pass grades, as it were. 
  • If the college or institute is following the UGC grade design, the grades will be transferred straightforwardly. In another case, the college will review the assigned projects’ grading in the wake of checking the required documents to move the credits. 
  • Credit transfer is allowed for projects/degrees done in presumed organizations inside or outside the country. 
  • The credits transfer is also permitted for being endorsed online degree courses. This isn’t allowed for online Science courses. 
  • Credit transfer will be supported uniquely according to new college standards. Some colleges decline the low-quality courses. Courses that have no significance to the program concerned either pass or fail will not be considered for credit transfer. Typically just courses that are equivalent and testing will be acknowledged for credit transfer. 

Method for Credit Transfer 

A proper petition or formal request from the concerned student with all relevant verified documents is required for any credit transfer. In addition, the student ought to present his proposal encasing the details of all attended pass/fail courses in general, detailed prospectus report, marks/grades/transcripts acquired, and some other data applicable to the courses. All records are to be submitted original or self-verified. 

Ensure Your Credit Transfer:

To ensure that you have sufficient credits to visit a college of the transfer destination, make sure you are utilizing your time in the best way of your previous/present college of admission. The credits will be changed higher or lower to coordinate with the number of credits needed by the foreign college.

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All credit transfers are to be supported by a specialist council comprised of the Dean(Academic) for a reason. This board will have one senior staff part from the faculty concerned and two other academic specialists, moreover to the director. The panel will go through the details put together by the student exhaustively and survey their importance according to the Campus point of view previously endorsing the credit transfer. If credit transfer isn’t allowed for courses finished, it will be rejected.


B-Tech credit transfer is a fast and safe method to complete your study in your desired college with few limitations of previous credits, subject, and available documentation. General rules and regulations are mentioned in this blog. Still, some limits vary from institute to institute, so you must call or visit the destination college to fill in yourself with the complete details. You can also contact a reliable education contractor like Exell Careers, so you don’t have to worry about all the processes and concentrate on your studies.